Our clients include start-up biotech companies, established pharmaceutical companies, venture capital firms, diagnostics/device and bioinformatics companies. JGB BioPharma saves you time by providing consulting and personnel placement expertise in all areas of development and general/administrative services.

Retained Search Division

We concentrate on Executive searches to offer you talent that will deliver business results.

We learn about your company in depth. We focus specifically on biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device/ diagnostics and bioinformatics companies. So we have a running start at understanding your business and technical needs.

We explore multiple avenues to find the most qualified talent, including our own extensive data base.

We perform an exhaustive search of potential candidates to assess qualifications, experiences that line up with your needs, and cultural fit.

We conduct interviews and other evaluations to narrow down the best talent. We match those most qualified to your firm...so that we can offer you talent that will deliver business results.

Contingency Search Division

We have flexible approaches to bring you the best candidates for your hiring needs.

We focus on identifying highly qualified candidates so that you can fill your positions quickly and efficiently. Our candidate database is already extremely large and is growing daily. We are experts at screening candidates for both technical skills, corporate fit, and soft skills.

We work on positions at all levels, with a specialty on higher-level positions. We can provide you with the focus you need when you want to hire quickly, have a large number of positions to fill, or when you need to work with someone who understands the challenges of hard-to-fill technically specific positions.

Consultants / Contractors Division

We can find the right consultants or contractors to meet your needs that include high level specialized consultants, such as Acting Head of Clinical Development through mid-level contractors, such as Manufacturing Project Manager, to junior contractor, such as Administrative Assistant.

We can provide you with:


We are particularly adept at finding candidates to fill specific technologies and criteria.

FTE Placements at Comprehensive Functions and Levels

We have worked on a wide breadth of positions and can readily accommodate most requests. However, our specialties are:

We like that JGB BioPharma has multiple recruiters on staff who specialize in different areas in our industry. The founder has a strong background in Project Management and Clinical. However, we work with them on a variety of positions across departments. It makes our staffing process so much easier!
- BioPharma Client